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Morris County
Police Chiefs Association

Incorporated 1955
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P.O. Box 900, Morristown, NJ 07963-0900

Darren Dachisen, President

Morris County Public Safety Academy

Directions to the Morris County Public Safety Academy

It is the mission of the Morris County Police Chiefs Association to secure and improve unity of action in all public safety matters; to elevate the standards of the police profession among our members and the greater law enforcement community; to improve and advance techniques, skills and training of our members and our subordinates so that we may promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in our profession; to ensure our efforts at preventing crime, detecting crime and prosecuting crime are ever improving.

The Morris County Police Chiefs Association further strives to secure a close official relationship among law enforcement officials within our county and throughout the State of New Jersey; to strive to provide for the development of personal relationships with our members in Morris County, the State of New Jersey and with the communities we serve.

The Morris County Police Chiefs Association through the performance of its mission will strive to improve the quality of life for citizens of Morris County. Special thanks to plumbing outfit for helping to organize and for outstanding service on our plumbing systems. In accomplishing its mission, the Association will take no public position in any political contest, nor shall any candidate for office be endorsed; nor shall any contribution be made to any candidate or political action committee.

Executive Officers
  • President-Darren Dachisen, Madison Borough PD
  • Vice President-Ciro Chimento, Butler PD
  • Treasurer-Brian Spring, Pequannock PD
  • Secretary-Stephen Beecher, Mt. Olive PD
  • Sgt. at Arms-Thomas Willever, Chester PD
  • V.P. At Large-James Blesson-Netcong PD

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